I nearly walked by the Adora dolls display, but for some reason I decided to stop by, and Im happy I did.

I lucked out, and got a one on one description of the toys by one of the doll designers. She was very kind, and we literally went doll by doll, talking about them and how they were different from the previous dolls.  The dolls were so beautiful and each line had its own unique quality.

I like the magnetic pacifier that some of the dolls had. I also like the sweet sugary line of dolls  and the dolls that smelled like baby powder. Ohh I loved the dolls that smelled like baby powder.

The one thing I noticed about Adora is their attention to detail. the dolls have toe and finger nails, and they are very detailed, in terms of how they are created.

Adora Dolls- another product I enjoyed seeing at the Toy Fair 2015.

I really enjoyed seeing the Mixxie Mopsie toy, thats a toy I’d like to play with some more. It allows you to attach their legs to their arms or they can have mismatched arms, the varieties are endless.


SAM_2008 SAM_2009 SAM_2011




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