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Sometimes in life, there are things you never think of. But then you will see something and think” YES! I need that, how did I live my life without that?” Well, My Beltz is such a product. me Beltz is a very simpleeeeeee product but it is a much needed product.

Imagine playing with your dolls .. you play with them and then what? You usually drop them right? Dolls can not stand on their own, so you will usually place them in a bin somewhere or throw them under your bed.Do you really think HASBRO and Mattel want their dolls to be thrown under the bed? No, however this is what is happening because again, the typical doll can not stand on its own,right? No it can not.

Now we have doll superhero, MyBeltz. My Beltz, created by Lenmark Toys,  is a product which allows dolls to stay in their vertical position. You attach a MyBeltz to a doll and voila. the doll can stay up straight and you can attach it to a bed frame, a curtain rod, a bathroom curtain rod, a shelf,etc. You can even attach them to refrigerators because MyBeltz has created the magnetic product as well.



I love love love love this product and the creators of MyBeltz gave me samples to keep. I nearly passed out because I was SOOOO HAPPPYYYYYY!!! This product is going to revolutionize the way kids play with their dolls… mark my word.. within 2 years this toy is going to be such a HOT HOT HOT SELLLER!!!! Therefore I will keep my samples under lock and keyt because in a few years , I feel they will be virtually impossible to find.


If I was working for a toy company like Hasbro or Mattel, I would buy out this company. Id give them millions of dollars and buy the company. Then I would place one of these products in every doll box that I sold. yes that’s what I would do.


Website for myBeltz:

SAM_1808 SAM_1810Here I am with My Beltz

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