During the Toy Fair, I came across Paola Reina North America. Most of the time, dolls are in their own separate section, but these dolls weren’t. It was probably a good thing, because that’s how I noticed them. Again, the lady who told me about these dolls was highly knowledgeable. I like these dolls because they represent different races. These dolls are made 100% in Spain. I do not personally own one so my play time with them was very limited.i would love to test one and play with it in the future.However, what I saw and felt was great. I felt the water babies- these are the dolls you can place in water. They have been created in such a way they do not spoil when placed in water.Little kids like to play with their toys in water, so this is a very important doll, in my mind. They come in different races as well.


Paola has been around for a very long time in Spain and Europe. These dolls are just now hitting the North American Market. I like the packaging and I like overall presentation of the dolls.



SAM_1784 SAM_1785


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