Another cool product I came across was the Silly String line. Everyone plays with Silly String right ? Of Course they do!!

I love Silly String.. its a simple toy, and simple toys are the best because they do not require batteries or electricity.

The Silly String rep was really nice and he was quite knowledgeable on the history of Silly String, as expected.

Im that dork who likes to hear about the history of the product so I enjoy it when the representative knows


The Silly String people showed me TWO new products:

1. The Glow in the Dark silly string: this silly string glows in the dark.Imagine how much fun you can have with this in the forest or at a party.. this is a great thing. I cant wait to test out a can of this.Im just going to go to the store and buy some cans.Then Ill make a video and show you all how it works.


2. the Silly String shooter..This contraption looks like a gun . Basically you place it over the can and it shoots it, like a gun.i told the guy this I a great tool but I think people in the world will dosciver it and use it for aerosol paints, hair spray and other aerosol cans. either way, I LOVE IT, and I cant wait for it to hit the market because kids are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this toy.



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