I just returned from the TOY FAIR 2015 and it was great.The newspaper I write for will probably print 3-5 articles about the toy fair because theres so much info,we loved it!!TOY FAIR 2015 was AMAZINGGG!! The new products were amazing and we love love loved it. Due to the fact that there were soo many products, I decided to dedicate one post per product, so here we go. SPAGHETTI HEADZ – 2.14.2015 This is a foam wire like stick that you stick in your hair and twist. It comes in different colors and then voila, you have spaghetti hair. if you are really daring, you can do it on your whole head and have like wired hair. Its really cool. Apart from the colored stick, it has charms at the very end,so you can personalize your spaghetti head.. ur dreams have finally come true. The great thing about Spaghetti Heads was that they put one in every single females hair that stopped by, so like hundreds of women at the Toy Fair were walking around with Spaghetti Heads in their hair… it was like a Mark…hahah.. I went to one guy and he was like “oh I see you’ve been to Spaghetti Headz”. I totally forgot it was in my hair. its a simple fun product that girls will love. You can also use the product as a bracelet. To take it out of your hair, you just twist it in the opposite direction. I enjoyed Spaghetti Headz. I am African so I always try to think of the African perspective as well. I think girls in Africa would really enjoy this– assuming that their school does not make them cut their hair, many schools do… but I think even pre school girl, like age 3 would get a kick out of this as well.


Here is their website:

SAM_1765 SAM_1764 SAM_1766

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