TAG : The Art Game

SAM_1814 SAM_1816

Luckily, I stumbled across a really cool art game called ” TAG: The Art game”. Ah yes, this too is one my favorite discoveries at TOY FAIR. The idea behind this game is quite stimulating and amazing-all in one.

This is how it works: you have a board game. Ok, the players wil need paper, crayons, oil paints, and markers. Now each player will turn over a series of cards which will tell them how to paint, what material to paint with, what position to paint in, and what shape to paint. The players will take turns painting an they turn over their cards. By the time they are done, they have an art piece that is very Picasso-ish.

This TAG: The ART Game is a realllyyy cooollll idea. I really loveeeeeeee this game and you will too because it guarantees hours of fun. I believe the developers just created it, but I wholeheartedly believe that this will be in stores very very very soon because this game is highly creative and amusing.

The best thing about this game is that no one knows how it will end, meaning no one knows how their “masterpiece” will turn it.

This is such a fun game. I personally met the creator

s of this game and they are such lovely people, but even more important than that- this game ROCKS!!!!

You know how I know a game/toy is good? When I see it and I’m like WOW, and when I start dreaming about it. I have been dreaming about this game. Lets se which retailer will be the smartest. May the best retailer win!!

This will be a great game  for schools but I really think this will be a great game for the STEAM movement-We all know what STEM is, but this fits the “A” in STEAM- Science, technology. engineering, arts , and mathematics.

The great things about this game,  is that when it ends, you have a masterpiece and I think the real challenge is trying to figure out who gets to keep the masterpiece!! This is a great game for everything: reunions, parties, wedding parties, going away gifts, team building, you name it, this is good for that.

This toy is amazing.


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