Think Fun:

I really enjoy the innovation of Think Fun. I would label THINK FUN as an “educational toy” creator. They make so many cool ,educational fun games. They know how to make you play and learn in a subliminal kind of way.

SAM_1896 SAM_1895

Their Laser games, their  Rush hour game, their toddler games, everything is good that that make. I think Think Fun does a really great job with their Toddler line. I love the Roll and Play game. You can get it in specialty toys and recently I saw it at Toys R us. I have played it and I love it.


At Toy Fair they showed me their latest creations: Maker Studio. You know, makerspace is a new movement and its really showing up at the Toy fair this year. it ties in to the whole notion of active play. Think Fun has Maker kits that they are introducing to the market, and each kit has engineering cards within them, to challenge the user.

They are great toys, serving as STEM toys for both boys and girls.

May the maker space movement continue:)

SAM_1893 SAM_1892 SAM_1891 SAM_1894


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