One word: Moff!!

I’m not sure if I ran into MOFF or if they ran into me, but either way, it was a great meeting.

I came across a brand new product called MOFF.

MOFF probably had some of the most highly energized people at their display.

What is MOFF?

Moff is an interactive device- you place this watch like device on your wrirst, download the app, and then choose an app and move your arms.As you move your arms,  you will hear the sounds associated with your movement and the app you made.

Now THIS TOY is the  epitome of active play ! I will write more about this toy in the newspaper I wrote for , but the MOFF gadget is so hilarious ,entertaining, amusing, surprising, and more. If you do not have fun  with this gadget, then you are not human, hahahahah. This toy rocks.

This is definitely one of the best toys I saw at Toy Fair 2015.




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