The first 3D printer for kids that I ever saw was at the TECH 4 Kids display. They had the prototype , but basically they will have a 3D printer which will allow kids to create 3D creations. Can you imagine that?
Play has really changed over the years. This toy comes with a tray and gel. The user uses a gel and draws or traces their image on a tray. The tray goes into the image for 60 seconds and viola, the image comes out in 3d form.

3D printing is a new theme I am noticing at the Toy Fair 2015.

Tech4 Kids also had a storytime theatre device. I liked the device.It allows bedtime stories to be projected on the wall so your kid will sleep. My only concern is with the product name. I am like 99.9% sure that Spinmaster had a toy by this name. Maybe they spelled “theater” differently but that’s the one thing that caught my eye- the name.

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