Today at Toys R us, I came across toys either I have never paid attention to or never saw because they were new. There were a few new toys which stood out to me so I going to briefly highlight them because they look really cool. I will go buy them later or wait for someone to send them to me ( which would be even better 🙂)

  1. Gator Goal (HASBRO): I saw this relaly cool game whichwas really high on the shelf, but luckily for me, Im tall so I saw it immediately. But really, it should have been on a lower shelf so kids could jhave the same “WOW THIS IS COOL “ reaction that I had. I saw this game called “Gator Goal”, and it seems like a very cool game. Its like hungry hippo lets you break his teeth and make a goal. That’s what it is. The game works like this—you have a gator and a device, as a kid the objective is to get the ball in gators mouth by knocking out his teeth. Yes it sounds horrific of course, its eyes get all googly, but trust me, your kids are gonna LOVEEEEE ITTTTTTTTTTT !!  The recommended age is 3+ but no, I believe a 2 year od would love this as well. If I love it, imagine how many million of kids are waiting for this. Simple game which seems like it can give you hours of fun.


2. Moustache Smach: Now this toy I have seen in the stores before but I have never written about it, so now is the time. Spin Master is not your ordinary toy company. They make some of the most random toys using very simple ideas that make you laugh and laugh for hours. They now have Moustache Smash. What is it you ask? Good question. So you have a moustache and there are a bunch of cards. Once you see the matching moustache, you “SMASH” your stache!! Again, another great game for kids AND adults. Kids like to bang and break things, SpinMaster knows this, and their games incorporate many of those motions. Look at Boom Boom balloon, my point exactly.

IMG_09343. Zorbz Balloons: I came across self-seal instantly balloons… how?!?!?!?!? I bought these!!! Balloons that self seal—how?? Have you ever seen balloons that can seal on their own? I have never ever seen this.Check out my YouTUbe channel (  to see if they really worked, Im going to test them out.


  1. Charmazing:  Here is a charm gadget that uses apps to tap into a world of charms . It allows kids to create charm bracelets , trade charms, and integrate technology. Website:


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