TOYS R US VISIT – 6/12/2015


Today I made it to TOYS R US..WOO HOOO I was soo happy. Ive been sooo busy  that I have nt had time to do and be with what I love-TOYS..But, now I have free time so Im back to my love.I went to TOYS R US (TRU)today and boy o boy was I surprised.  TRU had so many things, where  shall I start? Ok lets start from the  very beginning and go from there.

I entered the TRU in my local neighborhood, through the mechanical doors, and I entered to the left. The first thing I saw were gumball machines, HUGE gumball machines.Who chews that much gum?!?!? These machines are MONSTROUS, they are taller than life size dolls, really !!! The gumball machines were so huge and so colorful. Surely, there has to be something you can do with gumball machines apart from just eating the gum… can they be retrofitted to work as lamps? Yes, I want a gumball machine lamp. Or.. could they be used  as nightstands?? Hmm, lets think about it…

SAM_0414 SAM_0415

Next I saw the water toys. Love love love the water toys. FUBBLES is a company  that presents at the TOY FAIR and lo and behold their products were prominently displayed at the very fromnt of the store.The strange thoughm is that I did not see the robotic bubble machine, but I saw all the other FUBBLE toys.The Fubble toys are great.Little kids like bubbles , and I believe a huge baby boom is happening, so you can never go wrong with bubbles because kids like bubbles.  Speaking of bubbles, I also came across the stackable bubbles. LOVE THOSE. Buble that don’t pop—are you kidding me.. this is a dream come true. I definitely bough the stackable bubbles, I could not resist. I would like to try the robotic FUBBLE Bubble machine, but I did not see it at the Toys R us. I know they sell them online but today, they were not in the store. I really like the FUBBLES no Spill bucket.It hard keeping bubbles in their container so a no spill container was greatly needed. ALA, NO SPILL bubble buckets, thank you FUBBLES.



After seeing the bubble machines, the FUBBLE shelf and other outdoor water type toys, the first aisle I encountered was the Board games/games aisles. There are sooo many games. New gamesand old Games. Theres  this one game I just love love love- HeadBandz. Headbandz is such a cool game, I love it, It’s a great simple game that can be quite educational, its fun and educational, its funcational J

I enjoyed the various versions of  Hedbanz by Spinmaster, and all of the Think Fun  games that were there.


However, there are 2 companies that are slowly taking over the game  shelves. One is the company UNIVERSITY GAMES- they make these educational games and then put explanations on their boxes about what makes them educational.  There also seemed to be a lot of spaghetti games, it made me hungry, like Hungry hungry hippo, which was also in that aisle. Why are there so many spaghetti games, ts almost as of the toy companies are copying each other. Pressman Toys had “ Don’t drop the meatballs”, and then Fisher Price has a Meatbals game – S’gheti Scatter—either way, both are about saving the meatball.  Why are toy companies so interested in meatballs? Little kids eat pizza too! And where are the international toys, African kids are eating other foods as well.  There are also a lot of games which “shake”, meaning they are on timers. Games like that are always a lot of fun.

Back to university games, if youre into SuperWhy like I am (super Why, SUPER WHYYYY), ,they have a game entitled “Super WHY! ABC Letter Game”. This game looks neat, it includes a deck of cards which ask you questions which can be answered using the board game. I love simple games.




Another toy company I want to discuss is GOLIATH GAMES. Every time I go to the toy store, they have more and more games sitting on the shelves. They make really wild and crazy games but every time I go to a toy shop, I contemplate buying one of their toys, so obviously they are doing something right. Keep your eyes on Goliath games because they r going to create something super big..what?—I don’t know, but they are like Spinmaster, you never know what to expect. Each toy is a surprise. Isn’t Goliath the company that had a game related to poop? Im like 99% sure that was them..oh Goliath, I can imagine the creative meetings which occur in their offices!

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