Gender Neutrality and Fast Food Restaurants: McDs, Burger King, Chick Fil A, and Wendys



At least once a year, there’s always some random story in the news about “gender neutral” toys.Some kid will be crying about how they can’t get their toy in their color and its NOT FAIRRRRRRRRRRRR.. Hasbro, wah wah wah , I want an oven in a color for boys…wah wah wah, I need a toy that I can play with.

Here’s the deal- I’m so over it and you need to get over it too.

You know why kids are crying about not having toys for boys and girls? Its because the parents are not training them well. That’s right,I said it.

Listen well.

How does a boy know that blue is for boys and pink is for girls? How does a boy know that Transformers are for him and Barbies are for girls? Think about this—- how does a kid know this…..??

The answer: Society and the parents.

YOU PARENTS have taught your kids how to identify with objects based on gender and this is why they are like “ewww pink is for girls”… YOU PARENTS have caused this problem, so stop blaming toy companies. !!  At the same time, due to the gender identification and gender stereotyping that occurs in our society, it has become the “norm” and toy companies have fed into it. Why wouldn’t they- it aids their bottom line- profits.

The same parents who are complaining that its not fair that toys don’t come in blue or pink are the same parents who only let their kids wear pink or blue. Its hypocritical, no? Do these same parents let their boys wear pink shirts, and vice versa? Why not? My point exactly !!

Look, if you see a construction kit and you want your kid to play with it, and your kid is a GIRL, BUY IT!!

If you see a pink kitchen set that has everything your son wants, BUY IT!!

But most of you wont because you have been gender brainwashed and don’t want your kid playing with certain colors. Think about this– this is really silly– you don’t want you boys playing with “pink”…again, why not? Its because you are color prejudiced. That’s right, you are prejudiced when it comes to colors meaning that you believe pink is for girls and blue is for boys.  Millions of people around the world are color prejudiced and don’t even know it.

So when you boy wants to play with an EZ bake oven, why cant he play with the pink one?? Ask yourself this parents….why cant he play with it? Because you think his friends will laugh at him, because you think “what if”..So due to your “what ifs”, you want toy companies to spend millions of dollars to create gender neutral toys? Why???

Think, just sit and think.

is there anything wrong with gender neutral toys?. Is there anything wrong with making toys for girls and boys? No, at this point no ,because society is still brainwashed and thinks pink is for girls and blue is for boys. GoldieBlox is for “girls” because the owner felt the construction kits were for boys..Do boys have different hands than girls? No. But again it comes back to the color thing and the placement of toys. We all know TOYS R US puts girls toys on one side and boys toys on the other side, therefore many girls didn’t even see construction kits when they went to toys stores, therefore this is the hole Goldie Blox fills.

When you think about gender neutrality and whether or not its important, please think about the issue well.


This past week, I went to 4 restaurants and tested this whole gender neutrality concept.

Test: I wanted to know if Kids meals were gender neutral.

Hypothesis: many of the kids meal toys are not gender neutral.

METHODOLOGY: I drove through the drive through of 4 restaurants: McDonalds, Wendys, Chic Fil A and Burger King. As I drove through the drive through, I asked for the kids meal , paid for it and got “something”. You will have to go see my YouTube Video for the full video showcasing this and my findings, yes I videotaped every transaction. because I always like having facts. Its the PhD student in me 🙂

Shall I tell you what I found…which one of you is curious? ALL OF YOU RIGHT?

Well…. this is what I found:

McDonalds: When you go to McDonalds and ask for a Happy Meal, YES they do say ” For a BOY or a GIRL”.Thats right, McDs has different toys which vary based on gender.

McDonalds Happy Meal Toy (Girls' Toy)-Littlest Pet Shop

McDonalds Happy Meal Toy (Girls’ Toy)-Littlest Pet Shop

Next I went to Chick Fil A.

Chick Fil A: I asked for a kids meal and they did NOT ask me if it was for a boy or a girl. I got a toy–what it is exactly, umm i’m not quite sure.

Chick-Fil-A Kids Meal Toy

Chick-Fil-A Kids Meal Toy

Chick-Fil A Kids Meal bag

Chick-Fil A Kids Meal bag

Next I went to WENDYS.

Wendys: They did NOT ask me if the meal was for a boy or a girl. I got a toy- a dragon toy in a red bag.

Wendy's Kids Meal Toy

Wendy’s Kids Meal Toy

Wendy's Kid Meal Bag

Wendy’s Kid Meal Bag

Wendy's Drive Through menu

Wendy’s Drive Through menu

Lastly, I went to Burger King.

Burger King: I went to Burger King, and NO, they did not ask me if the meal was for a boy or a girl and yes, I got a toy.

Burger King Kids Menu

Burger King Kids Menu

Burger King

Burger King


Out of the 4 restaurants I tested, all on the same day, 75% of the places give out gender neutral toys, or what they feel are gender neutral toys.

Out of the 4 restaurants, 25% (1 – McDonalds) DOES not care about gender neutrality. They DO give out toys based on gender.


My hypothesis was proven wrong. Why do we make such a big deal when places don’t have gender neutral toys? Its not always a big deal, society is analyzing the issue wrongly. If you want the boy toy, ask for it, its not a big deal. Its your stereotyping that is poisoning your thinking. its your failure to take girls into the “boy” aisles that keeps them from accessing technical toys. Brainwashing and stereotyping are powerful tools. I like going to McDs and getting my “girl ” toys because sometimes they are SOOO AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG especially when its BARBIE time. The next time some kids make a big deal in the news about gender neutrality toys, call me so I can give my honest opinion. Stop blaming companies for not having gender neutral toys, instead take a look at yourself and ask yourself what societal stereotypes you are feeding into and passing onto your children.

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