You guys are wondering if I watched he PEANUTS movie… of course I did.

What did I think of it…….. welllllllllll.

MUSIC—the music is GREAT!! That dancing song by Megan Trainor is Grammy worthy—such a great great song—the little kids loved it in the theater.

MOVIE: I watched the 3D version, which was neat because I had never watched a 3d movie before. I liked the movie but I wondered what the appropriate age was. It’s a cartoon so kids were attracted to it. But it was a love story.. are 2 year olds really ready to learn about love? That I wasn’t sure about. Would that confuse a 3 or 4 year old maybe? Would they even catch that it was a love story? Maybe not. Perhaps they would be busy being entertained by Snoopy and the other characters.

I feel like it was 2 movies in one—Charlie Browns love story and then Snoopys story with FIFI the flying lady. Sometimes when the movie switched to that part, Id fall asleep… that part did not excite me at all..and sometimes it took forever.

It was a good movie in the sense that it was simple and it showed Charlie Browns great character , and taught kids about being truthful and honest and a loyal friends.

So I don’t know what age is the recommended age for this movie—the whole love thing throws me off.

But it was a decent movie, I would watch it again….THE MUSIC WAS AMAZING!!

when the movie ended, there were kids in the aisle dancing, like a dance party was starting and then the dong was cut off. The movie directors should have kept that Dancing song playing after the movie ended, played the whole thing, because then kids would have had a full 5 minute dance party. That was a neat effect I don’t think anyone was expecting.

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