The new Barbie– Lets talk about SHADES!!

Mattel just introduced a new line of Barbies. For years people have been complaining that Barbies didn’t look like the real women, in terms of shape ,etc. Barbie just kind of ignore it, and ignore it. Well after a while, and after declining sales, Mattel decided to reexamine their Barbie line after all.

mattel shades

Source: Mattel

So now all of a sudden this news is EVERYWHERE!! ” Barbie comes in different sizes”…’ Barbie is curvy now”… this news story is everywhere!!!even on CNN they have title the article” Barbies new body: curvy, tall and petite”. EVERYONE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITEDDDDDDD!!

I hate to tell you this, but you guys are really missing the REAL STORY!! Yes no one is covering the REAL STORY.. the story about come no one is covering the real story that is even larger– that Barbie will come in a multitude of colors.. THAT IS THE REAL STORY HERE!!! Barbie will be coming in 7 new skin tones– why isn’t anyone talking about that… that is the GREATEST STORY.

Look , I am a curvy person myself, and I have a plus size modeling contract on 2 continents, so when it comes to “curvy” I know all about it, trust me. Yes, some people always say, “we need plus size dolls, its not fair, wah wah wah”.. But here’s the truth– there are PLENTY of non-anorexic dolls, and we all know it.

One plump doll-American Girl.. she’s not skinny.

amergirlSource: American Girl website


There was a company by the name of bigand beautiful dolls, those dolls were plus size.

We also have the Heart for Heart Dolls.. they are big dolls.

heart for heart dolls.jpg

(Source: Heart for Heart website( made by Playmates)

Look,  the unveiling of Mattel’s new dolls is getting the wrong coverage. Fine, they will have plus size girls… yippee HOORAYY!! But hellloooooooooooooooooooooo , we need to talk about the shades .

Can we talk about race please???

For a LLONGGG time, Barbie only came in White, then it came in dark brown.. that was it..Every now and then you might fight a tan doll– that was it. But todays children are not just 3 colors. Think of Africans- they come in a multitude of shades, from light to very darkkkk. Here in the U.S., children come in a variety of shades, whether or not it is due to interracial marriages. People come in various shades, its simple, so why were kids forced to play with dolls that only came in like 3 colors?

CoverGirl  (CG) cosmetics figured this out a while ago. Someone at CG figured out that not all black people were the same shade and voila, we have the Queen Latifah Queen collection where there are several shades of black. Its GREAT!!! I once read an article by Iman , where she stated that for a long time she had to do her own makeup at shows because the makeup artists didn’t know how to do brown skin… that’s true because they probably didn’t have the right brown makeup. Times have changed and its great that Mattel will have various “shades” of their Barbies. Folks, this is the real story. Children don’t just want dolls that look like them physically, they also want dolls that look like them racially. Aren’t any of you aware of the Dolls, and line drawing tests by the Clarkes. Do your homework please. Society needs dolls that look like them, white, Asian, Black, etc. The fact that Mattel is now going to have 7 shades is wonderful. Even Hanes pantyhose has figured this out, making pantyhose in different shades. And MAC cosmetics, and more. Revlon too has figured it out as well, that people come in different shades. Welcome to the club Mattel. Thank you for making curvy dolls, but regardless of their size, I would like to thank you for creating the various shades. People can always lose weight or gain weight– but the one thing they can not change naturally is their color, that’s why the introduction of your 7 shades is priceless.

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