This year, I was fortunate to come across the Adora Dolls display again.I first saw them last year and was quite impressed with their selection. This year’s display was equally impressive and exciting. Adora Dolls, a company based in Laguna Hills,California, makes great realistic dolls. They have a variety of dolls for different types of play. If your child wants to take their doll into the water, they have the Bath Time babies which are made for bathtime and come dressed in  fast drying clothing. Play Time Babies enable your child to play with the doll as if it was a real child, due to Adora’s attention to detail. From the eye lids to the eyebrows to the toes, no detail is ignored with Adora dolls.

Adora makes dolls for all ages, and even makes dolls which smell like fresh baby powder!!!  Another wonderful aspect of Adora dolls is their ability to make realistic ethnic dolls. I am convinced the AD in Adora stands for Attention (to) Detail. Apart from the ethnic dolls, and the baby powdered smelling dolls, Adora also makes the Mixxie Mopsie dolls.  I love Mixxie Mopsie because it allows the player to use their imagination. I believe this year the Mixxie Mopsie line introduced the pony.Mixxie Mopsie dolls allow you to unbutton parts of the dolls and attach and reattach them to different parts of the body, for hours of fun play.

Apart from creating dolls for different ages, Adora allows children throughout the country to participate in product design. The Designed by Kids for Kids Program allows aspiring designers to submit doll outfit designs to Adora. Children are asked to submit their slumber party designs, and the winner gets their outfit produced. In addition to having their outfit produced, the winner also gets to pick a favorite charity which Adora will donate to. It is a great way for children to express their creativity , participating in an innovative  and inviting contest. If you are aware of any children interested in this program, please check out the following application  link. The program deadline is April 1, 2016.

Link to application :

Good luck !

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