When different toy companies make toys which look exactly alike

Greetings. Last week I went to my favorite place- the toys store. While there I noticed the STRANGEST thing.

Many toy companies are “copying” (for lack of a better term) each other.. has anyone else noticed???

I’m sure the toy companies will say ” no no no we are not copying anyone”… yet there are toys which look ridiculously similar—I mean EXTREMELY similar.

So.. the first toy which caught my attention and made me go WOAHHHHHHHHHHH was :

  1. Hasbro’s Disney Descendants Head Hints–This game reminded me so much of SpinMasters HEDBANZ… ..Headhints..Hedbanz– they both start with H…when I saw the box ,I was like ‘oh, Spinmaster has a new line of Hedbanz’, but then I realized, nope, this is a whole different company…YIKES. Similarities: they are both games that require you to put the game pieces on your head. And  well, Hedbanz is the most recent game requiring you to put pieces on your head…Another similarity: the boxes have images of people with headbands on their heads….
  2. Mattel’s Gas Out: ok, wait a minute, Doesn’t Goliath make all the gross games. I’m sorry but all the gross games are for Goliath..When I want a gross game I go to Goliath Games. why is Mattel, or Mattel Games as I’ve noticed, making “gross games”… huh?? I’m sooo confused….Mattel is NOT known for games like this… what’s going on??  But here’s the thing… Goliath already has a gas/farty game and its called ” Who Tooted” ,, so um, what’s going on? Who Tooted came out either last year or the year before, and now we have this random GAS OUT game by Mattel– the whole thing just confuses me, really.

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