Scratch Art , On the Go -Fairy Tales Color Reveal Pad (Melissa and Doug)-Toy Review

Scratch Art , on the Go Fairy Tales Color Reveal Pad

The other day I bought the Scratch Art toy by Melissa and Doug (M&D). This is my first time buying a Melissa and Doug toy. Of course I have seen hundreds of M&D toys, but I have never played with one, so this was the first time.

The M&D toys were on sale at Toys R US, so I bought 2 toys by M&D.

This toy comes with a wooden stylus, that’s cool.

There are 12 pages of pictures to “scratch”. When I first opened the toy, I didn’t read the instructions, so I simply scratched away. It was neat , seeing the color pop up magically.

This toy is like a scratch off lottery ticket. You see one thing unscratched, and another when you scratch it, that’s it.


BUTTTT, once I read the instructions, I realized that if you use the stylus in another way, you can create designs on the Scratch Pad. So instead of the princess having a pink skirt, you can give the fairy princess a polka dot dress, or put designs in the bushes, based on how you utilize the wooden stylus.

What a cool toy.

For $4, you can’t beat this. 12 pages of scratch art for $4- that’s a deal folks!!


How will this toy do in Africa-this toy would be great to have in Africa.. all you need is this toy and the wooden stylus, or your finger nail if you don’t plan on customizing the scratch sheets. I like this toy because batteries are not needed, and anyone can play with this- boys and girl- literate and illiterate. Well, a blind person would not be able to see how this toy works, but for the most part, almost any kid can play with this and enjoy it.

My only concern with this is the flecks of color that come off the sheets when you scratch it.If you are traveling, like in an airport, where would you put the shavings? This toy can be a pain for those who would have to clean up the shavings.

Also, the toy has an interesting smell. It kind of smells like a box of crayons, but a little stronger.

AMY LOVES TOYS gives this toy 4.5 out of 5 YAYS: YAY YAY YAY YAY YA



Hot Dots.. have any of you seen this toy? As someone who goes to Toys R Us weekly, I have been eyeing the Hot Dots toy for at least a year. I would see it and say “ Ohh what a cool looking toy”.. and then I’d walk by it..At last, I finally bought it, and I was pleasantly surprised.

When you buy the Hot Dots toy, the one that I bought, it comes in a red box, with two booklets and a ‘magic pen’. I love this TOY!!! This is how the toy works:

You open the red box.

You put your batteries in the Hot Dots pen, which has a magically tip. It uses 2 AAA batteries.

You open up one of the booklets.

You look at the question and you pick the right answer with your pen.

If the answer is correct, the pen turns GREEN and you get a “HOORAY” kind of message… YAYYYYYYYYYYY good job.

If you answer incorrectly, the pen turns red—UH OHHH YOUR ANSWER IS WRONG,TRY AGAIN.


Simple , right? Remember, the simple toys are the best kind of toys.

That’s pretty much it.

The Mathematics book has 50 pages. Within the math book, there’s a variety of topics which include: Money, Addition, Subtraction,  and Telling Time.

The Reading booklet has 50 pages. Within the book, there’s a variety of topics which include:  Blends & Diagraphs, Word Families, and Special Vowels.

So if you buy this toy, you have like 200 activities to do because each page has at least 2 activities..which means that this toy is TOTALLY worth your money..100%.Imagine, you buy one box of Hot Dots and it covers more than 6 topics.

So here’s my summary:

Product Design /Packaging—Nice bright red box.. you can the most useful tool in the box—the talking “smart” red pen

Battery choice:2 AAA batteries

Testing of Toy: Does the toy help you learn? Yes

How: When you press the wrong answer, the pen will help you know that your answer is wrong

Why I like this toy: Because a kid can play with it on their own, and learn on their own, without the assistance of an adult.

Is this toy worth the money: Absolutely!! You get like 200 activities, all within one box—this is totally worth the money!!!

I’m not giving this toy to anyone—Im keeping it for myself. 

Would this toy do well in Africa: Absolutely!! As long as the parent can get batteries for the toy, this toy would be wonderful to have in Africa.

Project Mc2 LIP GLOSS VOICE RECORDER ( by MGA Entertainment) : Toy Review

Project Mc2 LIP GLOSS VOICE RECORDER ( by MGA Entertainment) : Toy Review

The other day, while in Toys R Us, I came across the project Mc2 Lip Gloss Recorder. Due to my addiction to lip gloss, this toy caught my eye immediately. “what is a lip gloss voice recorder”, I asked myself. I knew Project MC2 was a TV show geared at girls and focused on STEM/STEAM. So now, Project MC2 has all these toys which encourage girls to acts like little scientist, STEM/STEAM-like.

The packaging of the ProjectMC2 kits is quite appealing, The boxes are simple yet elegant. I approached the Lip Gloss Recorder and expected the unexpected. I had never seen a lip gloss recorder, have you?


After I bought the Lip Gloss Recorder from Toys R US, I brought it home , super excited. Upon opening the box, I realized that it needed 1.5V batteries… what in the world is a 1.5 battery? Huh? What happened to AA and AAA batteries? UGHHH!!!!!


Believe it or not, the Target where I live does NOT sell 1.5V batteries. Neither do the WAWA gas stations—nope they don’t sell batteries. So after driving around for an hour, I bought batteries, for $1 at the Dollar Store. Nothing I enjoy more than cheap batteries.

Once I bought the batteries, I believe it needed 3, I opened up the compartment, placed the batteries in and tada, the toy was ready to go.

Product Packaging—I love the pink design of the recorder and the holding case—it’s quite nice and slick.

Actual toy review:

After placing the batteries in the toy, I put my hand on the two sensors and said some words to test it out. And guess what? The toy didn’t work !!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

So….I tried the toy again… and it worked.

BUTTTT, then my carrying case broke—NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. How did it break that easily? GEEZ!! Perhaps I can reattached it.

Ok, the toy worked but guess what? It only records for 12-15 seconds, and that’s it!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..

When I want to make a second recording, it records over the first bank…hmmm….I don’t like that aspect of the toy..this toy cost more than 7 dollars so I expected it to do more.

So here’s my summary:

Product Design /Packaging—absolutely wonderful .

Battery choice: 1.5V—not my favorite. These batteries are VERYY hard to find. Dear Toy Designers, please stick with AA,AAA, or C.

Testing of Toy: Does the toy record? Yes…Does the toy record for a long time? No.

Can the toy make multiple recordings in one sitting? No

What do I want this toy to be able to do: 1) I need it to be able to make multiple recordings; 2) I need the case to not break so easily; 3) I need it to record for more that 12-15 seconds… those are my three wishes for this toy.

Is it worth the money: I think this toy is a bit pricey based on what it’s actually capable of doing. The price needs to be lowered or the toy needs to be able to do more, or else people will be a bit disappointed when they play with the toy and get to the “ wait, that’s it” moment..You never want to get to the “wait, that’s its” moment when you are playing with a toy.

(See video for full review on Youtube: Amy LOVES TOYS: