Career Pages of Toy Companies

Career pages of toy companies:

If you are like me , a student, sometimes you want to see what internships the various job  companies are offering. Ideally, there should be one website, that merges all of the toy jobs/ internships. But until  Im able to create that, we will just go off of this- a direct link to the various career sites for  many toy companies:

Think Fun (Virginia):

PlayMonster (Wisconsin):

Band Dai (El Segundo, CA) :

Nintendo (Washington):

Tech4Kids(Canada) :

Spinmaster (Canada) :

Goliath Games (Texas):

JakksPacific (California) :

Adora (California) :



Thames and Kosmos: (Providence, RI):

Smart Lab Toys (Washington):

Learning Journey:

MGA Entertainment:

POm POm WOW (Maya Toys):

Alex Brands:

K’nex (Pennsylvania) : where is the actual link on this page? :

Learning Resources:

Bicycle Playing Cards: (part of Newell):

Crayola (Pennsylvania):

Rose Art:

Magformers(Michigan) :

Melissa and Doug:

Vtech/Leapfrog (VTech acquired Leapfrog):

University Games:

 Wicked Cool Toys ”

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