Poop, doo doo, poo toys

Greetings to all of you.

This weekend I went to TRU (Toys R Us) and was met with a bunch of crappy toys.. literally.
Have you all noticed the high levels of toys related to ‘doo doo’ hitting the toys shelves? I have, and you probably have too. I thought this was a fad that was going to disappear, but it hasn’t…at all..in fact, more toy companies are getting in the mix.

Therefore, I decided to take a crappy break from writing my dissertation in order to address this crappy toy situation.

These “crappy” toys, in my opinion can be categorized into three categories: 1)toilet bowl ; 2) poop ; 3) gas; and 4) toilet-handheld.
Based solely on one trip to Toys R Us, I discovered EIGHT toys that fell into this category.

There were TWO toys that fell into this category : FLUSH(Fotorama) and Toilet Trouble (Hasbro Gaming).

With the game FLUSH, you have to use your magnetic plungers to try to get the creatures out of the toilet before the water splashes on you. With TOILET TROUBLE, you flush the toilet, and hope that your flush is not the flush of all flushes, which will spray water on you. FLUSH and TOILET TROUBLE are both being sold for $19.99 but the recommended age for TOILET TROUBLE is a bit younger, with a recommended age of 4+, unlike FLUSH which is 5+.

There were TWO toys that fell into this “poop” category: DON’T STEP IN IT (Hasbro Gaming) and DOGGIE DOO(Goliath).

In the game DON’T STEP IN IT, the players are blindfolded, and they have to navigate around a ‘walkway’ trying not to step in poop. In the game DOGGIE DOO, one used the spinner and collects poo and fart tokens. Similar to Category 1 toys, DONT STEP IN IT also costs $19.99. DOGGIE DOO is a bit more expensive , costing $22.99. However, they both have a recommended age of 4+.

There were two toys which fell into the “gas” category.The two toys were PULL MY FINGER (Jakks Pacific) and GAS OUT (Mattel Games) .

With PULL MY FINGER, the player utilizes the spinner, pulls the monkey’s finger, the monkey’s butt inflates, and eventually the monkey farts. With GAS OUT, the players keep pressing the product based on the number on their selected card, until it ‘farts’ . PULL MY FINGER has a retail price of $19.99, and GAS OUT was a bit cheaper, with a price of $16.99. The recommended age for PULL MY FINGER was 4+ and for GAS OUT it was 5+.

CATEGORY 4: Toilet-Handheld
I call this category the handheld section because these toys can be held in the hand and perhaps even placed in the pocket. There was POOPEEZ (Basic Fun) and FLUSH FORCE (Spinmaster).
SAM_1362 (800x600)
SAM_1363 (800x600)
The price of the two items was not clearly displayed. POOPEEZ Toilet launcher is just that—a toilet launcher. FLUSH FORCE is like a unwrapping type toy.. find out what kind of poop you have by pouring water into the toilet and pull out your collectible “poopy” type character.

Based on the toys available at Toys R US, three of the poopy games were based on animal’s pooping or farting. DON’T STEP ON IT is tied to doggie poop, DOGGIE DOO is based on dog poop, and PULL MY FINGER is based on the monkey’s fart. So THREE of the games are animal related.


This is always an interesting category, analyzing the language used by toy companies.Looking at the product boxes, GOLIATH GAMES had the yuckiest description on their box. They used the terms “mess”, “doo”, “poo”, and “fart” on their DOGGIE DOO box. Goliath used multiple terms to describe the various waste and sounds that come out of the butt.

Terms used by Hasbro gaming: poop dodging, flush, toilet, number two
Terms used by Jakks Pacific: butt, blow, fart
Terms used by Foto Rama: toilet, flush
Overall, poop was described in the following ways: poop, doo, number two, and doo.

Based on the toys available at Toys R Us, the following companies are making poopy toilety toys: Basic Fun, Hasbro Gaming, Goliath, Fotorama, Spinmaster, Jakks Pacific, and Mattel Games.

Based on the toys that were available at TRU, the recommend age for these “crappy” toys fall in the range of 4+ to 5+. All of the toys in the poop category had a recommended age of 4+.

The toys fell between the price range of $16.99 to $22.99 (excluding the unknown prices of the handheld games).

And there you have it..an overall look at “crappy” toys and games. I have a feeling there will be a Part Two to this ..

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