Greetings. The other day I was browsing the internet and came across an article. The article stated that Hello Kitty was teaming up with Converse to make Hello Kitty branded Converse shoes- a limited edition.

I read that and I was like NO WAY!! According to the article, there would be approximately 4-5 Hello Kitty Converse show. OMG!! I thought to myself ,’I need to get one NOW!

I went to the Converse website and checked out the variety of shows they had. There were plenty .The price was a bit online but I was still impressed by the design of the shoes.

There was a white high top with the Sanrio family—one side of the shoe was the front of the bodies and the other side was their back

There was the red hightop shop, which has bow ties all over it and a picture of Hello Kitty’s face on it, with the inscription “ Say hello to me when you see me” on the edge of the shoe.

There was the black low top, which had the image of Hello Kitty displayed all over it, and the word “Hello Kitty” towards the bottom of the shoe. Google: Hello Kitty Converse” to see the website.

The website stated that the shoes could be purchased at a variety of stores, including Journeys, so that is exactly where I purchased mine.

I called the store prior to my arrival, to ensure they had the shoe in my size.  I drove to the mall, found the store, and saw the display of Hello Kitty shoes—I was SOOO HAPPY!!! There were so many shoes to choose from and many of them were in my size. I tried them all on, but I eventually decided to purchase the red Hello Kitty High tops .Honestly, I really wanted the white high tops, but when they get dirty, how will I clean it? That’s what concerned me.

I wish Converse/Sanrio would have put the Sanrio family on a BLACK high top==- that I definitely would have bought. Perhaps they will add it to the next collection. Thats my suggestion.

So, I bought the red high tops and I love them. I have never owned a pair of Converse shoes, although I have plenty of Nike shoes. The shoes are a bit flat, but that’s the style of converse. The shoes are GREAT! I’m happy I bought a pair and I may go back and buy one more pair.

The red shoes cost $69.99 but with tax the total was $74.19.

Thank you Hello Kitty for making these AWESOME SHOES.


-Amy Loves Toys

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