South African Airways- Activity Kit for Kids

Greetings. I recently flew on South African Airways, on a flight from Washington Dc to Accra, Ghana. As always, the flight was amazing!! The food was good, the movies were AMAZING, and most of all, the toy selection was FANTASTIC.
When you fly on South African Airways (SAA) they have an activity kit for children. And being that I love toys, I asked for it. You could tell they were kind of hesitant to give me one, but they believe in making the customer happy, so I got one..HOORAY! I’ve been on many planes but I really do believe that the South African Airways kids’ activity kit is one of the BEST airline childrens’ kits I have ever seen, thus far.

Let me show you what you get:
First, the kit comes in a plastic bag…within the plastic bag is a tin container. The tin container has various pictures on it, emphasizing South African airways and the attractions of Africa. The Tin container has a picture of a giraffe, elephant, and more on it. It’s a very playful container.
Once you open the container, it has many cool gadgets within it.
Kit contains the following:
A. a compass-type game with two metal balls- the goal is to get the metal ball in the hole within the gadget. How fun! This game has the SAA logo on it .
B. There is a box of colored pencils, so you can color during your long flight. The colored pencils include the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and black. I think SAA included pencils instead of crayons so people can do the activities in the activity book. But the pencils are kind of sharp, so hopefully they don’t give this kit to children below the age of 5.
C. There is an Activity Book: the activity book contains many activities. It has a space for the passenger to write their name. It also has a quiz,word search,word game,find the pairs activity,a page where one can color a picture of the SAA plane,tic tac toe game, a maze, color by numbers, find the mistake, mini posters, math games,copy and draw activity,word scramble activity and finally the answers in the back. It’s a small activity book PACKED with games and fun activities for children.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE South African Airways Activity Kit for children. It is so wonderful and useful. The tin container is lovely as well. They understand what it means to pay attention to detail and they have done a great job paying attention to this childrens’ kit.It is so wonderful.
If you ever have the chance to fly SAA make sure you ask for this kit, assuming they have extras.

Check out the video of the SAA kit :