Toy Store – Bahrain International Airport

Over the weekend, I was in the Bahrain International Airport. As I walked through the airport, I came across the cutest looking store, which happened to be a toy store. The store name was CANDY CLOUD, and it had the coolest toys .Yes, many, if not all of them, were toys created by US Companies, but there was something about the ambience of the place- it was simply so delightful.

Toys in the Middle East

Hi guys. I am currently in the Middle east and I want to show you some of the toys I am seeing in the stores.The toys selections I have seen so far are not massive, but I’m sure I just simply have not found the country’s toy store yet.

But so far, this is what I have found, and here’s a sample of some of the cool items I have found/seen

Birthday Blowout (Hasbro), L.O.L( MGA Entert.), but this flower toy was created by an Indian toy company… I thought that was really neat.Its a toy box and basically it allows you to make your own flowers.And you can recreate them over and over again.How cool is that ?!?!