If you found this page, you must be interested in toys, like me.
I created this page because I had toy information all over the web. After attending the Toy Fair 2015, I decided to consolidate everything into one central command.

This is the central command for me.

On this site, I will have information about the latest toys, I will have videos showing the toys I reviewed, and I will give my thoughts and opinions on toys.

I currently work for an African newspaper that gets distributed around the world, and I am glad to say that I think we are the first, and perhaps the only African paper that covers the Toy Fair. I love covering that event, because I LOVE TOYS.

I am also currently a toy researcher, working on a doctorate degree with a focus on childs play and toys, and instructional design. hopefully I can finish in 2018.( I DID FINISH!!! HOORAY FOR ME)

This blog is not work, it is a fun thing I do because I love toys, so this is simply an extension of my love for toys. I hope you enjoy.

P.S: I might change the theme of this page, I think the letters are too small, no?
EMAIL ME– to email me it is amylovestoys AT (the symbol) gmail DOT com

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