Bears for Humanity are exactly that– when you buy one bear, another one gets sent to a child in need.

These bears are 100% organic, antibacterial, and made in the USA.

When you buy a bear, the organization will send a bear to any organization you list.

Its a great idea, lets spread love around the world.








I was extremely impressed with United Healthcare Childrens Foundation.I will have to go through my bag to get the man’s name, but he REALLY gave me a thorough explanation of the role of UHCCF and the various ways in which they were striving to help children around the country. This is such a great foundation, it really is. they have toys, books, and more, but all of the proceeds are cycled into their program to help more children. I was blown away by the goody bag the representative showed me. The goody bag is given to sick children, to build up their spirits and more. I nearly walked by this table but I am happy I didn’t because the representative did a WONDERFUL job informing me about the importance of this organization.

As toy lovers, we enjoy playing with toys, But we also have to remember that there are children who do not have easy access to toys, due to medical conditions. Therefore we must always remember those children and the organizations like UHCCF which are striving to encourage and build up the spirits of sick children.

UHCCF has a multitude of programs, such as the Grin(squared) program , the Oliver and Hope Storybook, and so much more–all wonderful .

This was another highlight of my time at New York Toy Fair 2015 .


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