The first 3D printer for kids that I ever saw was at the TECH 4 Kids display. They had the prototype , but basically they will have a 3D printer which will allow kids to create 3D creations. Can you imagine that?
Play has really changed over the years. This toy comes with a tray and gel. The user uses a gel and draws or traces their image on a tray. The tray goes into the image for 60 seconds and viola, the image comes out in 3d form.

3D printing is a new theme I am noticing at the Toy Fair 2015.

Tech4 Kids also had a storytime theatre device. I liked the device.It allows bedtime stories to be projected on the wall so your kid will sleep. My only concern is with the product name. I am like 99.9% sure that Spinmaster had a toy by this name. Maybe they spelled “theater” differently but that’s the one thing that caught my eye- the name.



One word: Moff!!

I’m not sure if I ran into MOFF or if they ran into me, but either way, it was a great meeting.

I came across a brand new product called MOFF.

MOFF probably had some of the most highly energized people at their display.

What is MOFF?

Moff is an interactive device- you place this watch like device on your wrirst, download the app, and then choose an app and move your arms.As you move your arms,  you will hear the sounds associated with your movement and the app you made.

Now THIS TOY is the  epitome of active play ! I will write more about this toy in the newspaper I wrote for , but the MOFF gadget is so hilarious ,entertaining, amusing, surprising, and more. If you do not have fun  with this gadget, then you are not human, hahahahah. This toy rocks.

This is definitely one of the best toys I saw at Toy Fair 2015.







I think when people think about toy companies and the most powerful ones and their associated states, they think of California, New York, and Rhode Island. But out west, in a place called Wisconsin, theres toy company called PATCH PRODUCTS which is really cranking out eye popping toys.

I first came across PATCGH products at a Toy Fair a few years ago, and low and behold, they are still making great and wonderful products. Their Mirari line is for infants- these toys have an educational aspect to them. I personally have the pop pop piano– love it.And I also had the original MY IPAD with the four arrows. PATCH has updated the MyIPad and they had more toys to show from the mirari line which were fun. I don’t know any kid that does NOT like the Mirari line– that’s right, not one kid. All the kids I know really enjoy the Mirari LIne.

Their OK TO WAKE line was new, I had never seen it. This is a really cool line PLUS the designer was there..yes. I love it when the designers are there to explain their motivation behind the toy. The OK TO WAKE alarm clocks seem really fun. They are intended to train kids, using color lights to let them know when its okay to get out of bed. I believe the lights were green and red. the face of the clock also has interchangeable plates. I like the way the cock looks like a chubby headless friend. its a clock but its inviting due to the round buddy and the cool feet. Who wouldn’t want to stay in bed with an alarm clock that looks like this?

Next PATCH showed me the new CHRONO BOMB. This is like a spy like game where you have to try to avoid the lazer wires.You can set the game to a timer. Leave it to PATCH to have an actress demonstrate how the toy works…Ahhh PATCH never ever disappoints..ever!!

PATCH also had many more new games, like the YETI SPAGHETTI. In this game, players remove a stick and hope the little figurine does not fall into the ball, If it does, you’ll probably scream NOOOOO because at that point, you have lost the game.


PATCH’s Stack Attack  Dice game was neat too. In this game, the players have to roll their dice and try to stack them from 1-6. if they don’t have the next number , then the next player goes. You see, the concept of this game is very verrryyy simple, but I bet you players could play this game for HOURSSSSS.. This would be a great game that could be played around the world.

I really enjoy PATCH toys because MANy of them do not require batteries or electricity, meaning that poor people can afford to play with their products. I think so many times, games have economic barriers. However, games like those under the PATCH brand make it easier for parents to have useful games for their children.


The Cheese Dip game is a simple game too (although I will admit that it took me a while to truly “get” how this game was intended to be played. Once I “got” it, I was like ‘oh great, cool game”. Cheese Dip, Puppy Up, and Sparky are all games which can be labeled as “educational games” because they help build the shape recognition, color association, and number association skills of children.

Patch has so many toys it usually takes a while to get through their display, but when its over you are like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that was soo much fun!!!!! Patch Products is also introducing the travel version of the game, Game of Things. The inventor of the game, Mr. Quinn was there to answer all of my random questions. He was a very nice guy and he gave me insight into the creation of the game.

Patch Products had at least two handfuls of new products, and every single product was a wonderful product.

PATCH PRODUCTS, yes that company over there in Wisconsin, they are really creating amazing games and toys. the thing with PATCH products is that they do BOTH– they create TOYS and GAMES, which makes them an important force in the toy world.










Think Fun:

I really enjoy the innovation of Think Fun. I would label THINK FUN as an “educational toy” creator. They make so many cool ,educational fun games. They know how to make you play and learn in a subliminal kind of way.

SAM_1896 SAM_1895

Their Laser games, their  Rush hour game, their toddler games, everything is good that that make. I think Think Fun does a really great job with their Toddler line. I love the Roll and Play game. You can get it in specialty toys and recently I saw it at Toys R us. I have played it and I love it.


At Toy Fair they showed me their latest creations: Maker Studio. You know, makerspace is a new movement and its really showing up at the Toy fair this year. it ties in to the whole notion of active play. Think Fun has Maker kits that they are introducing to the market, and each kit has engineering cards within them, to challenge the user.

They are great toys, serving as STEM toys for both boys and girls.

May the maker space movement continue:)

SAM_1893 SAM_1892 SAM_1891 SAM_1894





I was extremely impressed with United Healthcare Childrens Foundation.I will have to go through my bag to get the man’s name, but he REALLY gave me a thorough explanation of the role of UHCCF and the various ways in which they were striving to help children around the country. This is such a great foundation, it really is. they have toys, books, and more, but all of the proceeds are cycled into their program to help more children. I was blown away by the goody bag the representative showed me. The goody bag is given to sick children, to build up their spirits and more. I nearly walked by this table but I am happy I didn’t because the representative did a WONDERFUL job informing me about the importance of this organization.

As toy lovers, we enjoy playing with toys, But we also have to remember that there are children who do not have easy access to toys, due to medical conditions. Therefore we must always remember those children and the organizations like UHCCF which are striving to encourage and build up the spirits of sick children.

UHCCF has a multitude of programs, such as the Grin(squared) program , the Oliver and Hope Storybook, and so much more–all wonderful .

This was another highlight of my time at New York Toy Fair 2015 .


SAM_1805 SAM_1806





Shoulder Buddy was a company I was previously unaware of. Should Buddy is exactly that- a shoulder buddy.

Shoulder Buddy toys are these miniature toys that can sit on your shoulder. Using magnets, the shoulder Buddy sits onyour shoulder and its there as your “buddy”. the Shoulder Buddies have different meanings and they come in different colors, but the shape remains the same. This is a fun toy to play with and I think such a toy would be beneficial for children who are loners or children who don’t like to talk.  not all kids are social butterflies, so I think having a shoulder buddy could be a great tool. Either way, the Shoulder Buddy was a new product I was unaware of, but the idea was pretty cool.



SAM_1797here I am with my own Shoulder Buddy. Thank You:)