Toy Store – Bahrain International Airport

Over the weekend, I was in the Bahrain International Airport. As I walked through the airport, I came across the cutest looking store, which happened to be a toy store. The store name was CANDY CLOUD, and it had the coolest toys .Yes, many, if not all of them, were toys created by US Companies, but there was something about the ambience of the place- it was simply so delightful.

Toys in the Middle East

Hi guys. I am currently in the Middle east and I want to show you some of the toys I am seeing in the stores.The toys selections I have seen so far are not massive, but I’m sure I just simply have not found the country’s toy store yet.

But so far, this is what I have found, and here’s a sample of some of the cool items I have found/seen

Birthday Blowout (Hasbro), L.O.L( MGA Entert.), but this flower toy was created by an Indian toy company… I thought that was really neat.Its a toy box and basically it allows you to make your own flowers.And you can recreate them over and over again.How cool is that ?!?!

South African Airways- Activity Kit for Kids

Greetings. I recently flew on South African Airways, on a flight from Washington Dc to Accra, Ghana. As always, the flight was amazing!! The food was good, the movies were AMAZING, and most of all, the toy selection was FANTASTIC.
When you fly on South African Airways (SAA) they have an activity kit for children. And being that I love toys, I asked for it. You could tell they were kind of hesitant to give me one, but they believe in making the customer happy, so I got one..HOORAY! I’ve been on many planes but I really do believe that the South African Airways kids’ activity kit is one of the BEST airline childrens’ kits I have ever seen, thus far.

Let me show you what you get:
First, the kit comes in a plastic bag…within the plastic bag is a tin container. The tin container has various pictures on it, emphasizing South African airways and the attractions of Africa. The Tin container has a picture of a giraffe, elephant, and more on it. It’s a very playful container.
Once you open the container, it has many cool gadgets within it.
Kit contains the following:
A. a compass-type game with two metal balls- the goal is to get the metal ball in the hole within the gadget. How fun! This game has the SAA logo on it .
B. There is a box of colored pencils, so you can color during your long flight. The colored pencils include the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and black. I think SAA included pencils instead of crayons so people can do the activities in the activity book. But the pencils are kind of sharp, so hopefully they don’t give this kit to children below the age of 5.
C. There is an Activity Book: the activity book contains many activities. It has a space for the passenger to write their name. It also has a quiz,word search,word game,find the pairs activity,a page where one can color a picture of the SAA plane,tic tac toe game, a maze, color by numbers, find the mistake, mini posters, math games,copy and draw activity,word scramble activity and finally the answers in the back. It’s a small activity book PACKED with games and fun activities for children.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE South African Airways Activity Kit for children. It is so wonderful and useful. The tin container is lovely as well. They understand what it means to pay attention to detail and they have done a great job paying attention to this childrens’ kit.It is so wonderful.
If you ever have the chance to fly SAA make sure you ask for this kit, assuming they have extras.

Check out the video of the SAA kit :



Greetings. The other day I was browsing the internet and came across an article. The article stated that Hello Kitty was teaming up with Converse to make Hello Kitty branded Converse shoes- a limited edition.

I read that and I was like NO WAY!! According to the article, there would be approximately 4-5 Hello Kitty Converse show. OMG!! I thought to myself ,’I need to get one NOW!

I went to the Converse website and checked out the variety of shows they had. There were plenty .The price was a bit online but I was still impressed by the design of the shoes.

There was a white high top with the Sanrio family—one side of the shoe was the front of the bodies and the other side was their back

There was the red hightop shop, which has bow ties all over it and a picture of Hello Kitty’s face on it, with the inscription “ Say hello to me when you see me” on the edge of the shoe.

There was the black low top, which had the image of Hello Kitty displayed all over it, and the word “Hello Kitty” towards the bottom of the shoe. Google: Hello Kitty Converse” to see the website.

The website stated that the shoes could be purchased at a variety of stores, including Journeys, so that is exactly where I purchased mine.

I called the store prior to my arrival, to ensure they had the shoe in my size.  I drove to the mall, found the store, and saw the display of Hello Kitty shoes—I was SOOO HAPPY!!! There were so many shoes to choose from and many of them were in my size. I tried them all on, but I eventually decided to purchase the red Hello Kitty High tops .Honestly, I really wanted the white high tops, but when they get dirty, how will I clean it? That’s what concerned me.

I wish Converse/Sanrio would have put the Sanrio family on a BLACK high top==- that I definitely would have bought. Perhaps they will add it to the next collection. Thats my suggestion.

So, I bought the red high tops and I love them. I have never owned a pair of Converse shoes, although I have plenty of Nike shoes. The shoes are a bit flat, but that’s the style of converse. The shoes are GREAT! I’m happy I bought a pair and I may go back and buy one more pair.

The red shoes cost $69.99 but with tax the total was $74.19.

Thank you Hello Kitty for making these AWESOME SHOES.


-Amy Loves Toys

Poop, doo doo, poo toys

Greetings to all of you.

This weekend I went to TRU (Toys R Us) and was met with a bunch of crappy toys.. literally.
Have you all noticed the high levels of toys related to ‘doo doo’ hitting the toys shelves? I have, and you probably have too. I thought this was a fad that was going to disappear, but it hasn’t…at fact, more toy companies are getting in the mix.

Therefore, I decided to take a crappy break from writing my dissertation in order to address this crappy toy situation.

These “crappy” toys, in my opinion can be categorized into three categories: 1)toilet bowl ; 2) poop ; 3) gas; and 4) toilet-handheld.
Based solely on one trip to Toys R Us, I discovered EIGHT toys that fell into this category.

There were TWO toys that fell into this category : FLUSH(Fotorama) and Toilet Trouble (Hasbro Gaming).

With the game FLUSH, you have to use your magnetic plungers to try to get the creatures out of the toilet before the water splashes on you. With TOILET TROUBLE, you flush the toilet, and hope that your flush is not the flush of all flushes, which will spray water on you. FLUSH and TOILET TROUBLE are both being sold for $19.99 but the recommended age for TOILET TROUBLE is a bit younger, with a recommended age of 4+, unlike FLUSH which is 5+.

There were TWO toys that fell into this “poop” category: DON’T STEP IN IT (Hasbro Gaming) and DOGGIE DOO(Goliath).

In the game DON’T STEP IN IT, the players are blindfolded, and they have to navigate around a ‘walkway’ trying not to step in poop. In the game DOGGIE DOO, one used the spinner and collects poo and fart tokens. Similar to Category 1 toys, DONT STEP IN IT also costs $19.99. DOGGIE DOO is a bit more expensive , costing $22.99. However, they both have a recommended age of 4+.

There were two toys which fell into the “gas” category.The two toys were PULL MY FINGER (Jakks Pacific) and GAS OUT (Mattel Games) .

With PULL MY FINGER, the player utilizes the spinner, pulls the monkey’s finger, the monkey’s butt inflates, and eventually the monkey farts. With GAS OUT, the players keep pressing the product based on the number on their selected card, until it ‘farts’ . PULL MY FINGER has a retail price of $19.99, and GAS OUT was a bit cheaper, with a price of $16.99. The recommended age for PULL MY FINGER was 4+ and for GAS OUT it was 5+.

CATEGORY 4: Toilet-Handheld
I call this category the handheld section because these toys can be held in the hand and perhaps even placed in the pocket. There was POOPEEZ (Basic Fun) and FLUSH FORCE (Spinmaster).
SAM_1362 (800x600)
SAM_1363 (800x600)
The price of the two items was not clearly displayed. POOPEEZ Toilet launcher is just that—a toilet launcher. FLUSH FORCE is like a unwrapping type toy.. find out what kind of poop you have by pouring water into the toilet and pull out your collectible “poopy” type character.

Based on the toys available at Toys R US, three of the poopy games were based on animal’s pooping or farting. DON’T STEP ON IT is tied to doggie poop, DOGGIE DOO is based on dog poop, and PULL MY FINGER is based on the monkey’s fart. So THREE of the games are animal related.


This is always an interesting category, analyzing the language used by toy companies.Looking at the product boxes, GOLIATH GAMES had the yuckiest description on their box. They used the terms “mess”, “doo”, “poo”, and “fart” on their DOGGIE DOO box. Goliath used multiple terms to describe the various waste and sounds that come out of the butt.

Terms used by Hasbro gaming: poop dodging, flush, toilet, number two
Terms used by Jakks Pacific: butt, blow, fart
Terms used by Foto Rama: toilet, flush
Overall, poop was described in the following ways: poop, doo, number two, and doo.

Based on the toys available at Toys R Us, the following companies are making poopy toilety toys: Basic Fun, Hasbro Gaming, Goliath, Fotorama, Spinmaster, Jakks Pacific, and Mattel Games.

Based on the toys that were available at TRU, the recommend age for these “crappy” toys fall in the range of 4+ to 5+. All of the toys in the poop category had a recommended age of 4+.

The toys fell between the price range of $16.99 to $22.99 (excluding the unknown prices of the handheld games).

And there you have overall look at “crappy” toys and games. I have a feeling there will be a Part Two to this ..

Toys with an International Flavor


Have you ever wondered why there are not more diverse toys in the toy store? Here in America, there are people living here from all over the world, but many of the toys are quite American. That’s fine, we are in America, but wouldn’t it be nice if toy companies also created something a bit more international,fun, and educational?
Well, it looks like toy companies are finally coming around, and I’m about to show you what you can find now on your toy shelves.

1. GIFT ‘EMS BY JAKKS PACIFIC: Jakks Pacific has a new line of toys called Gift’Ems. Gift’Ems are these little dolls that come in little gifts, hence the name Gift’Ems. But the cool part about these toys is that they Gift’Ems represent different parts of the world. They represent different continents and countries, and the box has little fun facts about their country. So far, they have dolls representing 35 countries, and many cities within those countries. Also, some of the doll parts are interchangeable, so you can place the parts on another dolls. This is such a great toy. I am still waiting for them to make the Ghana doll, but I personally own the Gift-Ems dolls representing the US, Nairobi, and a few other countries. In terms of African nations, the Gift’Em dolls currently represent Kenya and South Africa.

2. STUDY ABROAD dolls by MGA Entertainment: MGA Entertainment is known for their Bratz dolls. But did you know they also own Little Tikes, and make all the Project MC2 dolls, and they also own Lalaloopsy? Yes, well now MGA Entertainment is bringing an international flare to their dolls with the introduction of their Study Abroad dolls. These dolls first hit the market around 2015, and they can be found at various retail shops. There are five dolls who are “studying abroad” and the boxes and their fashion represent where they are : Cloe-China- traditional Chinese fabrics; Raya-Mexico; Sasha: Britain; Yasmin- Brazil; and Jade – Russia .
Now many of you probably do not know this, but I actually did an internship with a federal government agency, where my sole job was to study international students’ data and US study abroad data. OK, now based on that internship, it is very important for all of you to know that as of 2015, the TOP TEN Countries that US students were studying abroad in were , from the top : UK(12%), Italy (11%), Spain (9%), France (6%), Germany(4%), China, Costa Rica ,Australia, Ireland, and Japan.
Now, for students who were not getting credit for their study abroad trips, the top three countries were Mexico, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic.
So if you are going to make a doll and only focus on certain countries, it’s a good idea to focus on UK, Italy,Spain, France, and Germany because that’s where kids in America tend to be studying. But at the same time, it’s good that dolls are representing various countries, but rather unfortunate that none of the dolls represent the Middle East or Africa. Why is that? I hope that will change soon.

3. JOURNEY GIRLS ( created by Toys R US): These dolls have been on the shelves for a while at Toys R Us, but the packaging is quite lovely , and so too is the story behind each Journey Girl. There are eight Journey girls, and they are all friends in their magical world. Chavonne, Dana, Kelsey, Meredith, Kyla, Callie, and Mikaella are the current dolls, and they have travelled around Europe. I don’t think they have travelled to Africa yet, but hopefully that will happen in the future.


Career Pages of Toy Companies

Career pages of toy companies:

If you are like me , a student, sometimes you want to see what internships the various job  companies are offering. Ideally, there should be one website, that merges all of the toy jobs/ internships. But until  Im able to create that, we will just go off of this- a direct link to the various career sites for  many toy companies:

Think Fun (Virginia):

PlayMonster (Wisconsin):

Band Dai (El Segundo, CA) :

Nintendo (Washington):

Tech4Kids(Canada) :

Spinmaster (Canada) :

Goliath Games (Texas):

JakksPacific (California) :

Adora (California) :



Thames and Kosmos: (Providence, RI):

Smart Lab Toys (Washington):

Learning Journey:

MGA Entertainment:

POm POm WOW (Maya Toys):

Alex Brands:

K’nex (Pennsylvania) : where is the actual link on this page? :

Learning Resources:

Bicycle Playing Cards: (part of Newell):

Crayola (Pennsylvania):

Rose Art:

Magformers(Michigan) :

Melissa and Doug:

Vtech/Leapfrog (VTech acquired Leapfrog):

University Games:

 Wicked Cool Toys ”

Amy’s 2016 Holiday Toy List


Greetings, as of now, this is my toy list . I believe these toys will be the hot sellers this Xmas. They are not listed in any particular order.

#1: HATCHIMALS by Spinmaster (

Price:  $59.99

# 2. POM POM WOW:  Price varies from $5.99 to $24.99

#3. Fisher –Price Dance and Move Beat Bow Wow; Price: $24.99

#4. Anything made by MGAE: Projecr Mc2 toys, Gel a peel, Liitle Tikes RC Tire Twister, Little Tikes My First Flyer

#5  . Mini toys- including Shopkins, Mash’Ems, SquishyPops, Gift’Ems and Num Noms

#6. Nintendo NES Classic Edition (Price: $59.99)

#7. Thomas the Tank Engine Glow in the Dark Train Set (Price: $14.99)

#8. My Fairy Garden (by Play Monster, Price: $15.00):

#9. Marbelocity toy by Play Monster (

#10. BARBIES Thames and Kosmos STEM Kit

#11. Thomas Tank Engine Sky High Bridge Jump

  1. LEGO DUplo Jungle
  2. PacMan handheld Arcade game

14 Giggle Wiggle

  1. PJ Masks Night Sight

16.Googly Eyes

  1. Minions Pie Face

18.Dual pie face

  1. Chocolate Pen
  2. Georgie realistic Dog
  3. Troll Puzzle Feel the Hair


  1. VTech Interactive Easel

When different toy companies make toys which look exactly alike

Greetings. Last week I went to my favorite place- the toys store. While there I noticed the STRANGEST thing.

Many toy companies are “copying” (for lack of a better term) each other.. has anyone else noticed???

I’m sure the toy companies will say ” no no no we are not copying anyone”… yet there are toys which look ridiculously similar—I mean EXTREMELY similar.

So.. the first toy which caught my attention and made me go WOAHHHHHHHHHHH was :

  1. Hasbro’s Disney Descendants Head Hints–This game reminded me so much of SpinMasters HEDBANZ… ..Headhints..Hedbanz– they both start with H…when I saw the box ,I was like ‘oh, Spinmaster has a new line of Hedbanz’, but then I realized, nope, this is a whole different company…YIKES. Similarities: they are both games that require you to put the game pieces on your head. And  well, Hedbanz is the most recent game requiring you to put pieces on your head…Another similarity: the boxes have images of people with headbands on their heads….
  2. Mattel’s Gas Out: ok, wait a minute, Doesn’t Goliath make all the gross games. I’m sorry but all the gross games are for Goliath..When I want a gross game I go to Goliath Games. why is Mattel, or Mattel Games as I’ve noticed, making “gross games”… huh?? I’m sooo confused….Mattel is NOT known for games like this… what’s going on??  But here’s the thing… Goliath already has a gas/farty game and its called ” Who Tooted” ,, so um, what’s going on? Who Tooted came out either last year or the year before, and now we have this random GAS OUT game by Mattel– the whole thing just confuses me, really.


This year, I was fortunate to come across the Adora Dolls display again.I first saw them last year and was quite impressed with their selection. This year’s display was equally impressive and exciting. Adora Dolls, a company based in Laguna Hills,California, makes great realistic dolls. They have a variety of dolls for different types of play. If your child wants to take their doll into the water, they have the Bath Time babies which are made for bathtime and come dressed in  fast drying clothing. Play Time Babies enable your child to play with the doll as if it was a real child, due to Adora’s attention to detail. From the eye lids to the eyebrows to the toes, no detail is ignored with Adora dolls.

Adora makes dolls for all ages, and even makes dolls which smell like fresh baby powder!!!  Another wonderful aspect of Adora dolls is their ability to make realistic ethnic dolls. I am convinced the AD in Adora stands for Attention (to) Detail. Apart from the ethnic dolls, and the baby powdered smelling dolls, Adora also makes the Mixxie Mopsie dolls.  I love Mixxie Mopsie because it allows the player to use their imagination. I believe this year the Mixxie Mopsie line introduced the pony.Mixxie Mopsie dolls allow you to unbutton parts of the dolls and attach and reattach them to different parts of the body, for hours of fun play.

Apart from creating dolls for different ages, Adora allows children throughout the country to participate in product design. The Designed by Kids for Kids Program allows aspiring designers to submit doll outfit designs to Adora. Children are asked to submit their slumber party designs, and the winner gets their outfit produced. In addition to having their outfit produced, the winner also gets to pick a favorite charity which Adora will donate to. It is a great way for children to express their creativity , participating in an innovative  and inviting contest. If you are aware of any children interested in this program, please check out the following application  link. The program deadline is April 1, 2016.

Link to application :

Good luck !