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SING ALONG WITH ELMO (Publications International Ltd.)
Today I visited Toys R Us and randomly found this called entitled “ Sing Along With Elmo”. Ok, now I have seen plenty of “sing alongs” but I have never seen one like this one. This one is SOOO FASCINATING!!!
This book is wonderful because it helps parents teach their kids :
1. How to read
2. Colors
3. Sequencing
4. Memorization
I love this book. I bought it for my nephew but then I decided to keep it for myself!!!
Imagine you wake up and you want to sing ‘ Mary had a little lamb’, so you pick up the book with the microphone, click on BLUE RED RED RED, and viola, just like that, the microphone not only plays the song, but it amplifies your voice as well.
This is a BRILLIANT Toy!! This toy should have won awards- am I the only one who recognizes the brilliance of this toy. I love it so much. If I ever lose this toy, I will cry!!

Check out my video review of the product:

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